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"Training One Human at a Time"

It's not just our motto but the basis of our approach. 

90% of the most common problems we see arise from a dog's owner not knowing how to properly handle a troublesome situation. Common mistakes in the owner's behavior can lead to big problems with the dog. Through education-based instruction, we combine one-on-one lessons and "homework" to show you how to be a consistent and effective role in your dog's learning experience.

Motivated K9 focuses on not just teaching your dog to obey but educating YOU with the know-how to apply the techniques learned in your every-day life. 

Whether it's overcoming behavioral issues affecting your dog-owner relationship, or sharpening your canine to become a partner in protecting your family, we have programs to fit every need and schedule

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Motivated K9 has moved!
    We are proud to announce we have partnered up with Homes for Happy Dogs in Chichester NH. Homes for Happy Dogs is a nonprofit organization that provides quality all-breed canine rescue and re-homing services, community education and training and animal welfare service and support. Privately funded through adoption fees and volunteer work, Homes for Happy Dogs rescues and adopts dogs and puppies, provides all medical attention with up-to-date shots, spay/neuter procedures and grooming. For more information, or to view their available dogs, visit their website:

    Homes for Happy Dogs has provided Motivated K9 with an indoor training room and a large outdoor space to hold lessons, weather permitting, at their facility at 109 Dover Rd Chichester NH 03258. 
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